Participation in the Humboldt Perspectives Study Abroad program involves costs. On this page, we give you an overview of the fees and expected expenses for your study abroad in Berlin.

Participation Fees

The participation fee consists of a program fee and a course fee.

Program fee: 320 EUR (160 EUR for students from partner universities of Humboldt-Universität)

The non-refundable program fee covers the administrative tasks associated with the enrollment process and program management.

Course fee: 3.400 EUR

The course fee includes:
  • Five academic courses or four academic courses and one German language course
  • Accompanying intercultural training (several Workshops throughout the study period)
  • Class-related excursions or virtual tours
  • (Online) course materials, e.g. textbooks, course binders, Humboldt’s e-learning platform Moodle
  • Computer and internet access at the Computer and Media Service at Humboldt-Universität for on-site students and use of the university library
Other expenses and costs of living

  • Visa costs (depending on student’s nationality)
  • Airline ticket (round-trip)
  • Health and liability insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Miscellaneous costs, e.g. food, phone, internet, leisure activities

You will find a summary of the costs of living as a student in Germany on the DAAD website.


The following institutions may give you information about scholarship opportunities:

  • Your home university
  • Scholarship databases of your country’s Ministry of Education or other governmental institutions
  • Organizations and foundations that maintain cooperation programs between Germany and your home country
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Please also visit the homepage of the DAAD to find information on various kinds of DAAD funding for international // For funding offered by other selected organizations, please visit the DAAD Scholarship Database. It can also be helpful to contact the branch offices of DAAD in your home country.

Deadlines for scholarship applications may differ from the deadlines of Humboldt Perspectives Study Abroad. We suggest gathering information in good time, since preparing your scholarship application can be extensive. Please also note that Humboldt Perspectives Study Abroad will not be able to support your scholarship application directly.