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Berlin Perspectives offers you the opportunity to study together with other (international) students and look at Berlin from different perspectives.

Berlin Perspectives offers interdisciplinary seminars for international students who spend one or two semesters at Humboldt-Universität through an exchange program (Erasmus or other university partnerships). Regular degree-seeking students are also welcome to attend BP courses within the elective part of their study program (üWP überfachlicher Wahlpflichtbereich).

Using the city of Berlin as a local focus point, the seminars invite students from different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds to engage with different aspects of German history, society, and culture. In the courses, the students can connect the topics on an academic level with their global perspectives.

To discover the variety of Berlin Perspectives and apply for a course, please check our course list.

Berlin Perspectives includes the students’ diverse backgrounds and experiences into an intercultural learning process. In this international classroom, lecturers use a variety of interactive, student-centered working methods to provide students with specialized knowledge, language skills, as well as key qualifications required for independent, academic work. Seminars are taught in English, German (suitable for international students), or in bilingual formats (English/German).

The seminars are designed at an undergraduate level. However, they are also open to graduate students, provided that the home university recognizes the study points. For each completed seminar, students gain 5 ECTS.


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