Internship Project
Social Sciences and Politics

Secularity, Islam, and Democracy in Indonesia and Turkey

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 
Institute for Asian and African Studies
Subject Area
Area Studies, Political Science, Political Sociology, Democracy, Politics and Religion, Secularism
Summer Term Internship 2022:
09 May – 29 July
23 May – 12 August

Individual Timeframe Internship:
The dates are arranged individually according to the project's and the student's availability.

Internship Modality:
On-site internship in Berlin
Remote internship
Project Supervisor(s)
Dr. Saskia Schäfer
Academic Level
Graduate students
Further Information
Project Type
Academic Research
Project Content
In our research group, we study phases of democratization and authoritarianization in Indonesia and Turkey from a comparative and transnational perspective. We explore how the cooperation and competition among religious, economic, and political elites have driven the current democratic stagnation and/or decline.
From a more theoretical perspective, we also ask what varying understandings of democracy underpin the current developments in and assessments of the recent political systems in Indonesia and Turkey.

The project leader is also part of the Berlin University Alliance project "RePLITO", and the team contributes to the project's activities. 
Tasks for Interns
Tasks will be summarizing academic articles, preparing content for the project website and e-learning materials, assisting the group publications through readings and discussions, and depending on language skills – the gathering and analysis of primary sources in text or interview form. 
Academic Level
Graduate students
The main requirements are the ability to 
  • work independently and in a team,
  • communicate clearly and efficiently. 
Basic skills in literature review are expected as well as an interest in furthering methodological skills. 
Expected Preparation
Ideally, the student should read a set of key texts on democracy and religion in order to understand the background and aims of the project. Please contact us for access to key texts.
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For more information on the Humboldt Internship Program or the project, please contact the program coordinator.