Internship Project
Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship

Feniska – Product Development (Frontend)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin,
Humboldt Innovation
Subject Area
Computer Science, IT
Summer Term Internship 2022:
09 May – 29 July
23 May – 12 August
07 June – 26 August

Individual Timeframe Internship:
The dates are arranged individually according to the project's and the student's availability.

Internship Modality:
On-site internship in Berlin
Remote internship

Project Supervisor(s)
Sonita Soth and Ropafadzo Murumbo
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (at least 2nd year)
Graduate students
PhD students
Further Information
Project Type
Project Content
Feniska creates products for cats and dogs and their owners. We're a pet tech company from Berlin, Germany, which uses IoT and data analytics to create a holistic platform that empowers pet owners to make better decisions about the wellbeing and health of their pets. Our first products consist of an app and smart devices to collect and analyze data about pets (dogs and cats).
Our vision is to enable pet parents to live a happy and carefree life with their pets.

The team consists of four people who have a background in product development, bioinformatics, international management, and design. We're just about to launch our first product, which is the Feniska App. The Feniska App offers an easy and fun way to track and monitor essential health data of pets manually. Additionally, it has an information hub with curated content to help pet owners navigate their journey as pet parents.
So, if you're eager to learn about product launches, app development, the B2C sector, Go-to-Market, or if you're just in general interested in the startup ecosystem, then you should apply for this intern position.
We're excited to get to know you!
Tasks for Interns
  • Support our product team in all areas of software documentation and testing,
  • Work on requirements of our product and participate in the creation of quality concepts,
  • You are involved in various test activities and scenarios (from test planning to test execution) and perform frontend system tests,
  • Maintenance and continuous development of the IT infrastructure,
  • Design and layout implementations.

Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (at least 2nd year)
Graduate students
PhD students
  • Study in the field of computer science, business informatics, mathematics or similar,
  • First experience in the IT area,
  • First programming skills (JavaScript).

Expected Preparation
  • Getting familiar with the start-up (look through our homepage),
  • The onboarding process for each intern is individual, depending on the skill level and work experience.

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