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Cultural Studies

Urgently wanted: Freedom of research and learning. Future expectations of New Arrivals on free science, vocational training and studies

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institute of Asian and African Studies

Partner organizations:
Off-University. Organization for Peace e.V.
RePLITO Digital Knowledge Archive located at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institute for Asian and African Studies, Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region (GAMS)

Subject Area
Migration, Academic freedom, arts, media
The application is closed, and all positions have been filled.
Applications for 2025 will open in October 2024.
Project Supervisor(s)
Dr. Julia Strutz (spokesperson)
Prof. Dr. Nadja-Christina Schneider (co-spokesperson)
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (from second year) 
Master's students 
Ph.D. students 
Further Information
Project Type
Academic Research
Project Content
The value of free research and teaching for society and for each individual person becomes particularly clear when both come under threat. Political repression in schools and universities, exclusion, intersectional discrimination, and a lack of choice in education are key reasons for many people to come to Germany and specifically to Berlin. At present, almost 20 percent of students enrolled in Berlin are new to Germany, and many of them come from countries where academic freedom is increasingly under threat. What do freedom and academic freedom mean for these new arrivals? What expectations do they have of academic freedom, vocational training, and higher education?

In our project, we focus on New Arrivals between the ages of 18 and 35, for whom increasing political repression in higher education, exclusion/intersectional discrimination, or lack of choice in education and training in their country of origin was a central motivation for migrating to Germany and specifically to Berlin. The core of our project is a research and artistic co-production process moderated by academics who have themselves experienced flight or migration.

Two cohorts of 15 New Arrivals will come together for a two-month co-production process that explores the meaning of "freedom" for themselves and others. The results of this research-based learning will be documented in two artistic formats, which will be made accessible to a broader public by utilizing the communicative power of art and media. They will be produced in a collaborative process with all participants, with the support of experienced creative researchers/teachers.

Our project is going to start in April this year, and it is funded in the framework of the BMBF Science Year 2024 - Freedom.
Tasks for Interns
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (from second year) 
Master's students 
Ph.D. students 
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