HUWISU | Practical Information

Studying abroad is a challenging undertaking and requires a variety of preparations. Apart from questions related to your application and admission, there are numerous aspects that require your attention prior and during your time as a HUWISU student. Find out more useful information to prepare your stay in Berlin.


After registration and payment in full, a letter of invitation can be issued for you to apply for a visa at the German Embassy. The letter of invitation will be sent to you through registered mail. An electronic copy of the invitation letter will also be sent to your email account. The German Embassies or Consulates in your home country issue visas.

It is the students responsibility to check if a visa is needed in order to enter Germany. We recommend to visit the homepage of the German Foreign Office and check the Visa regulations.

Considering the long processing time at the embassy, an early registration is highly recommended.


In order to make your journey easier and help you finding accommodation, we have prepared some useful information for you. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin does not provide student accommodation for short-term programs.
The address of Humboldt's main building is: Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin. At this point, we would like to mention that Humboldt-Universität is not a typical campus university. This means that the classrooms are in different parts of the city. However, all classrooms are located in the district Mitte and the public transportation is very good in Berlin.

You may also check hostels or flats in districts like Schöneberg, Wedding, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Friedrichshain or Prenzlauer Berg.

SHARED HOUSING: Since there is a large number of students and internationals in Berlin, the flat sharing market is very competitive. There are several websites with offerings though. Maybe you get lucky on flat sharing sites.

For more information about the private accommodation market in Berlin check out the Guide for International Students.


The program fees do not include insurance coverage. Each participant is obligated to have health insurance that is valid in Germany (preferably Europe). In addition, we recommend an accident- and liability insurance. The student is liable for all culpably caused damage, especially for damages in arranged accommodation.

It is important to note that medical care in Germany can be expensive if you are not secured by insurance. Citizens of some countries are required to provide proof of insurance when applying for a visa. It is also possible that German customs will ask for proof of insurance when you cross the border.

Please check with your insurance plan to see if it covers Germany. If not, every student is obligated to acquire some.