Certificates and Credits

Read here what you should consider ensuring the benefit of the academic internship to your studies.

The internships are accredited according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). ECTS has been developed by the Commission of the European Union to provide standard procedures to guarantee academic recognition of studies abroad. It is a credit system based on student workload according to which one credit point is deemed to be the equivalent of 25-30 working hours.

Participants will receive 15 ECTS upon successful completion of the internship. This applies for a full-time internship of 12 weeks. Possible special conditions of an internship project are to be considered.

For the successful completion of the internship, regular attendance is required (minimum 80% presence of working hours), and all work tasks must be completed. The final assessment of the internship is the responsibility of the project supervisor.

In case of successful completion, a certificate of participation and a performance evaluation (transcript of records) will be issued within six weeks after the last day of the internship. Both documents are provided in digital form. Upon request, printed copies can be issued. While the certificate is always sent to the student's home address, the transcript of records may also be sent to the home university's address. In the latter case, the student must indicate the appropriate receiving university employee or department. The addresses must be formatted as seen on envelopes.