Internship Project
Biology and Neuroscience


Humboldt-Universit√§t zu Berlin, 
Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience
Subject Area
Motor Imagery, Psychology, Neuroscience
Position filled
Project Supervisor(s)
Dr. Elisa Filevich
Academic Level
  • Advanced undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • PhD students
Further Information
Project Type
Academic research
Project Content
Imagery is difficult to quantify and measure objectively, and we typically rely on subjective reports about the quality, contents and strength of imagery. Pearson et al (2011) developed a paradigm to assess the strength of visual imagery, through its effects on visual perception under binocular rivalry conditions. We will adapt this paradigm to the motor domain, in order to quantify 
(1) the strength of motor imagery on a trial-by-trial basis and 
(2) individual differences in the correspondence between objectively measured effects of motor imagery and subjective vividness ratings. 
We will use behavioral methods as well as electromyography recordings. We will analyze data using mixed linear models.
Tasks for Interns
  • Analyze data (write analysis scripts in R/Matlab);
  • Potentially collect data (test participants);
  • Discuss papers.
Academic Level
  • Advanced undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • PhD students
  • Experience with a programming language (R/Matlab/Python);
  • Interest in and basic knowledge of research in metacognition;
  • Basic understanding of signal detection theory.
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