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Feniska – Data Science

Humboldt Innovation
Pet-Tech Start-up

This is a young company that has been mentored by Humboldt Innovation in the past or was founded by former Humboldt students. Please note that the place of work is most likely not in Humboldt premises, but in the company's own spaces. 
Subject Area
Data Analysis, Health, AI
 06 May – 26 July 
 20 May – 09 August 
 03 June – 23 August
 01 July – 20 September  
Internship Modality:
On-site internship in Berlin

The application is closed, and all positions have been filled.
Applications for 2025 will open in October 2024.
Project Supervisor(s)
 Pascal Crenzin and Sonita Soth 
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (from second year) 
Graduate students 
Further Information
Project Type
Project Content
FENISKA is a health startup that builds Smart Home devices for cats and dogs to improve and maintain their wellbeing. The first product is the FENISKA BASE, an intelligent pad that fits underneath various pet furniture. The FENISKA BASE enables pet owners to monitor weight changes, resting time or toilet visits (for domestic cats only). In addition to the FENISKA BASE, we also offer an intuitive healthcare App that allows pet owners to manually track other health data on top. The FENISKA App also offers an info hub in the form of educational blogs. 
Tasks for Interns
  • Analyzing time series data from the FENISKA Base
  • Presenting results to the team
  • Implementing data analysis algorithms for specific use cases
  • Deploying data analysis task to run independently on the IT infrastructure 
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (from second year) 
Graduate students 
  • Studies in Computer Science / Mathematics / Data Science or similar
  • Knowledge and experience in at least one analytical programming language (e.g. Python or R)
  • Expertise with sensor data is a plus, working independently and responsibly, excellent organizational and communication skills.
Expected Preparation
  • Getting familiar with the start-up (look through our homepage)
  • We will provide you with a company guideline so you can get familiar with FENISKA's vision, goals, target group, and market;
  • The on-boarding process for each intern is individual, depending on the skill level and work experience.

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