Internship Project

Quantum-Computer Algorithms

Humboldt-Universit√§t zu Berlin, 
Department of Physics
Subject Area
Theoretical Physics (Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics / Theoretical Quantum Optics)
Position filled in 2023.

Internship Modality:
On-site internship in Berlin
Project Supervisor(s)
Prof. Dr. Alejandro Saenz
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (from third year) 
Master's students 
Ph.D. students 
Further Information
Project Type
Academic Research
Project Content
Quantum computers are supposed to lead to a boost in computational power. However, it remains unclear whether stable (fault-tolerant) quantum-computer hardware with large numbers of qubits can be realized. However, even in this case, a second challenge is the need for quantum-computer software since a quantum computer per se does not necessarily mean that it is more efficient than a classical computer, especially given the enormous classical computational power available nowadays. A key ingredient in using quantum computer hardware is thus the development of quantum-computer algorithms. 
Within this project, the student should gain experience with some quantum-computer algorithms, especially their performance on faulty quantum-computer hardware, a so-called noisy intermediate-scale quantum device.     
Tasks for Interns
The student will be introduced to the underlying physics and the use of computer codes developed in our research group and will learn to apply them within an ongoing research project. Depending on qualification and interest, the student may also write a small new code or extend an existing code.
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (from third year) 
Master's students 
Ph.D. students 
The student should 
  • be highly motivated
  • be interested in theoretical physics
  • possess a solid background in quantum physics, minimally on the level usually achieved within a Bachelor of Physics study curriculum.

Some previous experience in computer coding is helpful but not required.
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