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Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship

Feniska – Marketing, Design and Social Media

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin,
Research Service Centre - SZF
Subject Area
Branding, Marketing, Media
Position filled
Project Supervisor(s)
Sonita Soth
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (at least 2nd year)
Graduate students
PhD students
Further Information
Project Type
Project Content
Feniska is a pet tech startup which designs smart pet furniture. Our mission is to enable pet owners around the world to make sure that their pets are healthy. Feniska offers digital health products (like smart food bowls or smart sleeping baskets) for pet owners, to monitor the health of their pets in an app. For example: We track data like the weight or sleeping behavior of the pet by using sensors in the sleeping basket for giving information to the owner.
We just recently finished developing our first product which is the Smart Base. The Base can be used to track the weight and the resting time of the pet. Furthermore, the data will show the pet owner the biological behavior pattern of the pet. The Smart Base can be placed underneath a pet bed, a cat toilet, or any other favorite sleeping/interaction spot of the pet.

We are three founders having knowledge in electrical engineering, computer studies, economics and marketing by studying economic informatics, economic engineering and / or marketing. Right now we are in the early stage of our business. We allocated our roles in product development, marketing, business strategy and financing (like pitches or other competitions) for now. We set responsibilities for each scope but we discuss the most important courses of action as a team.
Tasks for Interns
  • Support content planning for blog posts and social networks;
  • Independently create (editorial) content in consideration of SEO requirements;
  • Conceptualize, execute and analyze our social media campaigns;
  • Continuously adapt the social media strategy in line with performance results;
  • Help build a strong pool of influencers to promote the brand;
  • Interact with the community online.
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (at least 2nd year)
Graduate students
PhD students
  • Preferably a study with a focus on marketing, communications or a related field;
  • Creative writing style and excellent communication skills;
  • Preferably previous experience with Instagram or other social media channels, ideally in influencer marketing and/or content and community management;
  • Interest in the area of pets and technology-focused products
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