Internship Project
Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship

Octomo – Software Engineering

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 
Research Service Centre - SZF
Subject Area
Software Engineering, Front-End Development
Summer Term Internship
Individual Timeframe Internship
Online Internship
Project Supervisor(s)
Szymon Stuglik (Aerospace Engineer), Beata Detkova (Full Stack Engineer)
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (at least 2nd year)
Graduate students
PhD students
Further Information
Project Type
Project Content
Octomo builds a humanized online learning ecosystem for all professionals worldwide that is based on an algorithm that leverages social bonding theory.
The most difficult problem in designing a successful online learning platform is how to motivate the learner to stay on track. By facilitating the development of deep connections among learners, Octomo increases the willingness of learners to support each other, to learn from each other and to complete their online program. The complexity of the approach is to understand and account for the numerous factors of how adults bond. 
We construct learning groups based on psychometric characteristics of individuals and lead the learners through a 6 - 8 week online program together with a batch of other learners. Learners meet twice per week in a live call to discuss and support each other. The main value proposition of our product is that we build deep connections among learners fast, so that deep discussion and emotional support can take place.
Tasks for Interns
  • Support in the development of the Front-End of Octomo’s learning platform from scratch;
  • Mock-ups for new features that serve our core functionality
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (at least 2nd year)
Graduate students
PhD students
  • First experience in React.js or similar frameworks;
  • Clear communication skills;
  • Independent working style;
  • Preferably first experience in building web apps from scratch
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