Internship Project
Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship

Teamwise – Marketing & Business Development

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin,
Research Service Centre - SZF
Subject Area
Startup, New Work, Psychology, Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Summer Term Internship
Individual Timeframe Internship
Project Supervisor(s)
Sebastian Gluschak
Academic Level
Graduate students
PhD students
Further Information
Project Type
Start-up, Entrepreneurship
Project Content
Teamwise is building a digital platform that helps professional remote teams to create a culture of empowerment and connectedness. Based on insights into team psychology and flow research, our technology understands team dynamics and recommends activities based on artificial intelligence.  
Remote work changes the dynamics of team cultures, and there are many upsides: no commute, flexible times, global hiring, productivity goes up... but there are downsides as well: lack of connectedness, no context, and after all: an increased complexity for managers and team leads.
Teamwise is a smart assistant for team leads and managers that takes the weight off their shoulders and recommends the right team-building activity at the right moment. 
Our vision is to make professional teams a psychologically safe space for people to develop and unleash their full potential. To tackle the challenges of our times, and live a more fulfilled life. 
Tasks for Interns
We are looking for an Internpreneur: Join our team and do anything that a small startup requires, from strategic tasks to hands-on tasks. 
The focus of the internship will be:
Online Marketing: Increase awareness of our tools, get users to try our free features.
Business Development: Identify valuable cooperation partners and lead conversations.
Academic Level
Graduate students
PhD students
At least two previous internships or professional positions, ideally in a startup;
Digital savviness;
Marketing experience;
Passion for teamwork and/ or psychology is a plus.
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