Internship Project
Cultural Studies

Jewish Homosexual Modernism in the German Speaking World and in Mandatory Palestine/Israel

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Department of German Literature
Subject Area
Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Queer History
Summer Term Internship 2022:
09 May – 29 July
23 May – 12 August
07 June – 26 August

Individual Timeframe Internship:
The dates are arranged individually according to the project's and the student's availability.

Internship Modality:
On-site internship in Berlin
Remote internship
Project Supervisor(s)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kraß
Janin Afken (MA), Liesa Hellmann (MA)
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (at least 2nd year)
Graduate students

English and German
Further Information
Project Type
Academic Research
Project Content
The project puts forward the thesis that between 1890 and 1945, a corpus of literary texts – a "Jewish Homosexual Modernism" – came into being in the German cultural sphere. This canon of literature comprises German, Hebrew, and Yiddish texts dealing with both Jewishness and homosexuality. 
In investigating the entanglement of Jewishness and homosexuality from the point of view of both the self-image and the public image, we want to explore this entanglement's influence – often based on antisemitic and homophobic ideas – on European Modernism. 
The research project aims to extend Jewish-German literature knowledge and propose new ways of reading literary modernism.
Tasks for Interns
The intern will assist in all aspects of the research project, which may include:
  • Research assistance
  • Literature review
  • Archival and online research
  • Preparing content for social media channels/public outreach
  • Event Organization
Furthermore, the intern will have the opportunity to develop and conduct a small research project on their own within the frame of the main project. 
Academic Level
Advanced undergraduate students (at least 2nd year)
Graduate students

  • Interest in the cultural history of sexuality
  • Interest in Gender and Queer Studies
  • (Basic) knowledge of methods of literary studies
  • Research experience (optional)
  • Basic skills in review of literature
  • Organizational skills
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